MG Assistans AB

Ett Personligare Val!


About us

The headquarter of MG Assistans is located in central Sweden - Sundsvall.

We have more than twenty year experience of personal assistance and our service is
based on Independent Living.

There's a law in Sweden called "LSS". LSS is an abbreviation for "Lagen om Stöd och Service 
för funktionshindrade" (the law of support and service for disabled people).

The law says people with disabilities have right to get support to live like everybody else.

We are nationwide and our clients are found all over the country.

Board of directors

Magnus Gredemyr, our operations manager, has had the assistance of more than twenty years.

Marie Westman, who is a parent of a disabled child with personal assistance.

Therese Utterström, has worked many years as personal assistent before she changed profession 
to HR and educational manager. Therese has also studied LSS at university.


Responsible for the IT environment is Reine Karlsson